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Styling project: Beachside Family Home

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Styling project: Beachside Family Home

This Sydney Northern Beaches family needed more casual living spaces for the parents and young children. Since a larger renovation was planned for further down the track, the brief was to convert an open verandah into a stylish sunroom / conservatory with timber deck surround.

The lounge was planned as an adults-only relaxation space, while the children could use the indoor/outdoor space of the conservatory and deck to play. Both spaces needed to be practical, and reflect the ‘stylish beach’ aesthetic of the rest of the home.

The lounge room was converted into an adults-only relaxation space

Working with the home’s existing colour scheme, Monica combined high-quality, durable fabrics and textures - to endure day-to-day family life — with furnishings, finishes and accessories to reflect the natural environment - the beachside - and also pay respect to the ‘Federation’ heritage of the house.

 The open verandah was converted into a large sunroom / conservatory

Seagrass matting meets with shiplap ceilings, marine life artworks and white and blue sofas to create a relaxed yet sophisticated living space, framed by a nautically inspired and sun-bleached timber deck.

From the client:

Monica turned our old verandah into a magical summer space. It’s hard to describe the transformation but it has literally changed the way we live. She saw the potential to connect and activate the back of our house with a new sunroom and deck. She was very easy to work with and handled everything end-to-end, helping us define our ideas but also bring fresh vision to what could be. We now live in this room and soak up its beautiful atmosphere.