Styling & Interior Design

Hamptons House offers a home styling and interior design service led by Founder & Stylist, Monica Ford.  From sourcing bespoke furniture, art and homewares for individual rooms, to transforming an entire home, Monica works with her clients to create their own signature style and experience.


Monica’s projects include decorating apartments, houses, holiday homes and boutique hotels, to interior designing renovations, rebuilds and new homes.



“I go for pieces which catch my eye instantly,” says Monica. “I look for pieces that are striking, well made and use quality materials."



“I gravitate towards antiques and pieces which take you back to another time, I think it’s wonderful to connect with other times. I love when I go into a modern space and there’s an antique piece, it brings a story to the room."



“My favourite houses are the ones with an unexpected collection of furniture all of which has a story to tell. Those are the places that you don’t want to leave, where you want to go into every room and sit on every lounge.”


Hamptons House home styling and interior design service covers Sydney and beyond.

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